At East London Science School our aim is that all pupils will be proud of our smart, distinctive uniform.


Our policy on school uniform is based on the idea that school uniform:

  • promotes a sense of pride in the school;
  • engenders a sense of community and belonging towards the school;
  • is practical and smart;
  • identifies the children with the school;
  • prevents children from coming to school in fashion clothes that could be distracting in class;
  • makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance;
  • is regarded as suitable wear for school and is designed with health and safety in mind.

High standards of personal presentation are required at all times when wearing the school uniform. Whenever the school uniform is worn, it must be complete and not mixed with non-uniform clothing. This includes when travelling to and from school.

Parents are asked to ensure that their child’s uniform conforms to the list below. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are optional in cold weather.

All items below are available from our John Lewis stockist. ALL ITEMS OF UNIFORM MUST BE CLEARLY NAMED.

Boys’ & Girls’ School Uniform

Blazer Grey/red with school

Shirt White collared with top button. Short sleeved may be worn in summer. Must be smartly tucked in.

School tie grey/red with logo pattern

Tie must cover top button and be worn at least 3/4 length to waist with the red symbol on full show

Red Jumper / cardigan with school logo

NOTE please that hoodies and non- regulation jumpers and cardigans are not acceptable as part of school uniform – they may not be worn as an alternative to outer coats.

Trousers Grey regulation trousers (Stockist: John Lewis ONLY)

Skirt Grey regulation skirt. (Stockist: John Lewis ONLY)

School Bag East London Science School logo either shoulder bag or rucksack available from John Lewis.

Shoes Black, low-heeled, smart leather shoes (max 1inch/2.5cm).


Black, grey or white socks OR
Black or grey full-length tights. No leggings.


Plain black or grey coat.
No logos.


Plain black. Plain black.

Specific information


Blazers are expected to be worn at all times, unless permission is given by a teacher within a class room. Once that lesson is over blazers should be put back on. The school jumper or cardigan is not an alternate to a blazer, if pupils are hot this should be removed first and blazer remains on.

Hats, Scarves, Gloves, Coats and Jackets:

A smart navy, black or grey plain coat or jacket may be worn to and from school. Hats and scarves may also be worn but extreme styles will not be permitted and this includes items of clothing with football motifs.
Coats and jackets made of leather or denim are not acceptable.
Outdoor clothes are not to be worn within any area of the school building, and must be removed before entering the school.

Make-up and Jewellery:

Pupils are not allowed to wear personal make-up. Pupils will be asked to remove any make- up identified. No jewellery other than a wristwatch and a single gold or silver stud earing in each ear may be worn.


Hair must be kept tidy. Extremes of length or style are not permitted.

Long hair must be tied back for practical lessons. No unnatural hair colours are allowed. The school reserves the right to insist on re-styling if it considers the style inappropriate. Shaved patterns in hair or eyebrows are not permitted.

Girls may wear a headscarf. Scarves must be in plain fabric and in the school’s colours of grey or black.


Trainers or boots

Hipster, flares and trousers with very obvious zips and buttons Skirts which are too tight and/or short.

Hoodies are completely banned from the school site and will be confiscated if worn Cardigans and jumpers other than the school ‘V’ neck jumper or cardigan.

Side Bags

Parents and pupils should note that any pupil not dressed in the required school uniform may be sent home


The ELSS PE kit supplier is Sportswear International.

We expect all pupil to participate in every PE lesson in the correct kit. Kit is very important in creating a sense of team spirit and professionalism within lessons.

Compulsory Items:

Red ELSS Polo t shirt Black ELSS shorts

Red ELSS football socks ELSS red fleece

ELSS tracksuit top/waterproof (to be worn in winter months for outdoor sport)

ELSS jogging bottoms (to be worn in winter months for outdoor sport, or all year round for religious reasons)
Sports Trainers – No canvas/Converse or high tops are allowed for safety reasons Long hair must be tied up.

Specific Technical Kit:

Rugby – Gum shields, Thermal layers may be worn in bad weather Rowing – Thermal layers (black)

Swimming –Black swimming costume or black swimming shorts (must be tight) and black swimming hat. Leggings may be worn for religious reasons. Goggles are optional.

Athletics and gymnastics – Pupils are expected to wear ELSS shorts- tracksuit bottoms are only allowed for religious reasons.


Pupils must bring full ELSS PE kit to every lesson.

If full ELSS PE kit is not available, pupils must bring an alternative form of sportswear accompanied with a note from a parent or guardian. This note must include a date indicating when the PE kit will be replaced.

If pupils cannot take part you are expected to bring a note from a parent or guardian.

If pupils are unable to take part/participate you must still change into full PE kit, unless otherwise incapable of doing so.

Jewellery and valuables

The wearing of jewellery during Physical Education lessons is inappropriate for Health and Safety reasons. All jewellery should be removed before the lesson commences. Valuable items are the responsibility of students; however these are should be left at home. If students do choses to bring valuables to PE lessons we suggest they keep them safely in their bag, however this is at their own risk.

Injury and Illness

The ideal is that if pupils are well enough to be in school, they are well enough to participate in PE lessons, however, if pupils are unable to participate in a PE lesson due to injury or severe illness they must bring a note signed from parent/guardian stating the reason why. As previously stated, if they were able to get changed themselves that day they must still change into their PE kit for the lesson.


If pupils fail to up hold our strict uniform expectation the following consequence and sanction will be put in place

School Uniform

Incorrect presentation of uniform = a uniform slip.

3 Uniform, slips in a week= 20 minute after school detention

Banned items (e.g. hats/ side bags/ jewellery) = item confiscation till the end of the day

Persistent wearing of banned item = Item confiscated and may only be collected by a parent or guardian

PE Kit

Failure to wear full ELSS PE kit for e.g. incorrect trainers, socks or shorts = Break time detention for lack of organisation

Failure to bring PE kit = 60 minute PE catch up detention to make up for miss lesson/physical activity.