Frequently Asked Questons

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions


We are very proud of our school uniform. Parents can purchase this from John Lewis in Westfield Stratford City. Staff there will give you advice and a fitting service.

Our sports kit is available online from Again, this is a compulsory part of the uniform and your child will be expected to bring the relevant sports kit for all timetabled sports lessons.


We offer a light lunch based on a range of sandwiches, a drink and snacks. This is also available when pupils go off site during enrichment or sports.

We operate a cashless catering system for all pupils and expect parents to pay in advance every half term. The account can be topped up online using Wisepay.

Pupils use a finger print identification system so that it is easy for you to keep track of payments and so you know exactly what your child has purchased on a daily basis.

Financial help

We assess all pupils at the start of the school year for eligibility for Free School Meals. An explanation of the criteria for eligibility for Free School Meals is available from the school office and on the website.

As well as, entitling pupils to Free School Meals this allows pupils access to help with payment for uniform and residential and any other costs incurred through school activities.

Our aim is to ensure no child is denied opportunities because of financial difficulties. If you need help or advice please arrange to come to school and discuss your situation.


Our term dates are published on the school website. Please check the published term dates before booking family holidays. We rarely authorise absences in term time. Booking family holidays in term time to reduce the cost is not an acceptable reason.


Your child’s attendance at school is your responsibility. We expect parents to inform us of the reasons for absence on the day of absence. Unauthorisd attendance will result in a request for a meeting with the attendance officer to justify your child’s absence. In extreme circumstances this could lead to the imposition of a fine.


We hold pupils to a high standard of scholarly behaviour. When a pupil fails to meet these expectations they may receive a detention after school. The school informs parents of any detentions set on the day they are issued.