Contact details

School postal address:

East London Science School
The Clock Mill
Three Mill Lane
London E3 3DU

School phone number:

020 8981 2680

Office hours:

Normal office hours are 8am to 5pm. During these hours the reception desk is manned and the phones will be answered.

Out of hours emergency contact:

In the event of an emergency you can call 07741 154163. You should leave a message and contact number. A member of staff will respond as a matter of urgency. Please do not use this number unless absolutely necessary.


Our receptionist at The Clock Mill is Hafiza Patel.

Our receptionist at Lock Keepers is Carol Williams.

Hafiza and Carol will deal with basic information requests and attendance and punctuality issues over the phone during office hours.

Email enquiries:

Any other requests for information or queries should be sent to

Our office manager, Ian Boakes,  will make sure the relevant person responds as quickly as possible.



David Perks

Chair of Governors

Elizabeth Davies

Designated Safeguarding Lead and SEN

Paul Cornish